The World’s Top Rated Auto Insurance Companies

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You may have heard stories, or even experienced some terrible situations with auto insurance companies in the past. In truth, having a policy with a less reputable company could make it very difficult to be paid what you deserve in the event of an accident. You need a provider that cares about you and their reputation, and is willing to treat their customers fairly and equally regardless of what it does for them financially.

Given the fact that it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to avoid a costly auto accident for your entire life, it’s vital to have great insurance from a respected insurance company. Fortunately, there are a lot of great auto insurance companies out there that provide fantastic service at affordable prices. The auto insurance companies below are the top-rated insurance companies based on reviews from consumers just like you.


The World’s Top Rated Auto Insurance Companies



Geico is most certainly known for their clever Super Bowl commercials, but they’re good for a lot more than making people laugh. As early as 1965, Geico was servicing the needs of over one million policyholders. All of these customers give Geico a vast opportunity to learn about their customers, and help to provide them with services that make their lives easier.

Geico scores extremely highly across many different metrics that are important to consumers seeking the best auto insurance companies. A collection of different consumer websites ranks Geico among the highest in customer service, price, and in their willingness to pay claims. Depending on where you look, you’re likely to see ratings over four and a half out of five stars. If you’re looking for reputable and reliable auto insurance companies, there’s no doubt that Geico is a great place for you to start.




Made famous in part by their policy to show rates from competitors on their website, Progressive is also known for their competitive insurance rates, friendly customer service, and more. In 1997, Progressive became the first company to sell auto insurance online. While this is now the absolute standard for selling insurance in the industry, auto insurance companies were not particularly quick to adopt this technology until Progressive led the way. Also rated extremely highly by consumers, Progressive is one of many modern auto insurance companies that is able to provide great service and great coverage at a relatively low cost due to the fact that they have millions of customers.

Their large base of customers gives them the overhead that they need to offer prices as low or lower than their fiercest competitors. This is great for consumers as it also encourages many other insurance companies to do what they can to keep their rates as low as possible. Although Progressive became most popular in the last decade, they’ve actually been selling auto insurance since 1937, which makes them one of a few auto insurance companies that have been operating for nearly a century. These last eight decades have given them a lot of time to understand the industry and the needs of the consumer. In order to provide for these needs, Progressive runs an award-winning customer claims service center twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. That means that you’ll always be able to get the help that you need, which is not necessarily true of many smaller auto insurance companies.




Allstate insurance corporation is currently the second largest personal insurance provider in the United States. In addition, they are also a very prominent insurance provider in Canada. That’s not an accident by any means. The Allstate group has been in business since the year 1931 as part of Sears, Roebuck and Co. The group began selling auto insurance when less than twenty-five percent of American drivers had liability insurance, a far cry from the state of affairs we see today. As personal automobiles became more and more popular, states began to develop laws, which made it a driver’s responsibility to pay for damages they caused in an auto accident.

The industry has gone through a lot of changes since then, but it hasn’t left Allstate behind. Allstate is currently known for being one of the most innovative auto insurance companies. Allstate provides what they refer to as accident forgiveness as a standard piece of their policy. Accident forgiveness makes Allstate unique since it protects you from rate increases in the event that you are in an accident. Even if the accident is your fault, your rates won’t go up. Others in the industry are beginning to copy this strategy as it is so appealing to consumers. Certainly, Allstate is a consumer favorite among the many auto insurance companies in existence today.


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Nationwide is unique amongst the most popular auto insurance companies in the western hemisphere. Although the services, rates, and consumer ratings are very similar to most other auto insurance companies, Nationwide is entirely different in how the business is run. While most of the other popular auto insurance companies are owned by shareholders, Nationwide is a mutual insurance company, which means that it is owned by the policyholders. What does that mean to you? If you own a Nationwide auto insurance policy, for example, you are actually an owner of the company. This means that the investors and the customers are the same people, and that prevents management decisions that are motivated by a need for increased profits.

While publicly owned companies are generally greatly influenced by the need to continuously increase profits, companies like Nationwide are instead motivated by the needs of their customers. That means that you can be confident that you’ll remain a happy customer, and even if you aren’t, you have every right to voice your opinion. Of course, Nationwide isn’t only a great insurance company for this reason. They are also known for excellent customer service, competitive rates, and comprehensive insurance policies. Just like the other companies mentioned in this list, you can be confident that your needs will be cared for if you were to choose a policy with Nationwide.