How to Find the Best House Insurance

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Most likely, your home is the greatest investment you will ever make, therefore obtaining adequate insurance coverage is of the highest importance. Homeowner's insurance, also known as house insurance, is offered by hundreds of companies both locally and nationally. Each company has their own unique advantages, disadvantages, and special factors used to calculate premiums.

The best house insurance will bring you peace of mind, provide reassurance, and offer high-quality coverage at reasonable rates. Obtaining a basic understanding of home insurance can help you make more informed decisions when it comes to choosing your policy. This article will discuss the various factors by which to rank insurance companies and ultimately how to find the best house insurance provider.


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Qualities of the Best House Insurance Company

There are many qualities that make up an insurance company and its operations. In order to determine which the best house insurance company is, each company must be ranked against certain qualities, which are indicators of their performance. Each quality has its own importance. The best qualities by which to rank insurance companies are coverage, premium prices, claims, and customer service.

Coverage is the most important quality because it ultimately has the most weight in whether you feel at ease with your policy. Each homeowner's insurance company may have their own coverage exclusions and limits, which is why it is important to take a close look at what they offer. Despite the nuisances, there are general coverages that are provided to each insurance company.

General coverages that comprise a homeowner's policy include dwelling, liability, and personal property. The dwelling part of the policy is the coverage for the actual home itself and attached structures such as garages, decks, and front and back porches. Dwelling policies also cover major components inside the home such as piping and plumbing. The standard homeowner's policy has dwelling coverage, which helps when the home is damaged by storms, lightning, fire, hail, explosions, theft and vandalism. It’s important to note that damage caused by floods is typically not covered by standard homeowner's policies.

Most homeowner's policies also include liability coverage. Liability coverage provides protection from lawsuits from guests who are injured on your property or who were injured by your pet or a member of your family. Protection is also offered if you or a family member cause damage to someone else’s property.

Another standard coverage provided is personal property. Personal property coverage protects personal items that were damaged by a covered hazard. Such items can include electronics and clothing.

In general, most homeowner's policies provide protection for the dwelling, liability, and personal property. Some policies provide extra protection for other structures that are not attached to the home and loss of use for times when you are unable to use your home due to it being damaged or in the process of being repaired.

The best house insurance company offers standard coverages and supplemental coverages to best meet your needs. Furthermore, they fully disclose the coverages, policy limits, and exclusions. A high-quality insurance company ensures that you have an understanding of your policy’s coverages and knowledge of what is not covered. Having the ability to tailor the policy to your home’s specific needs and requirements is what distinguishes the best from the rest.

Another quality that distinguishes home insurance companies is the price of the premium. Insurance policies should be reasonably priced without compromising quality coverage. Of note, premiums are not solely based on the coverage itself, in fact, there are other factors that impact the price of the premium. For example, premiums are influenced by specific factors related to you and your home such as when it was built, where it is located, previous claims, and your credit score. Moreover, risk factors such as swimming pools may also influence the price of the premium.


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The best house insurance company offers discounts to help make prices more manageable. Discounts may be awarded for purchasing a newer home, having multiple policies with the company, incorporating particular devices such as alarm systems, and more. The company freely offers these discounts without you having to inquire because they want you to be satisfied. The best house insurance provider also discusses how certain coverage limits impact the premium price and makes adjustments as needed.

Claims are another factor that can be measured across companies. Many homeowners do not consider reviewing how companies handle claims until they are in the process of filing one. To ensure optimal claim handling, it is essential to review how well and how quickly a company handles their claims, and how helpful they were throughout the entire process. Another point to consider is a company’s financial stability and their ability to pay for claims.

The best house insurance company has a solid financial status, giving you the reassurance that if you have to file a claim, it will be covered. Furthermore, they are conveniently available to handle your claim quickly and efficiently. They understand how stressful filing a claim can be. Therefore, they are known to do everything in their power to make the process hassle-free.

The last but just as important quality by which to measure insurance companies is customer service. Customer service refers to how well a company anticipates your needs and goes beyond your expectations with their responses. Contrary to popular belief, customer service as it pertains to homeowner's insurance extends far beyond claims; it also refers to the availability to pay your bill or file claims online or through mobile applications. It also pertains to whether someone is available to speak to right away and whether they can adequately answer your questions.

The best house insurance company delivers outstanding service and they provide multiple options for you to complete transactions. Their staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and responsive and you will never feel left in the dark or blindsided.



Finding the Best House Insurance Company

The easiest way to find the best house insurance company is to rank multiple insurance companies based on coverage, premium price, claims, and customer service. Using a comparison tool can help you easily identify the best company. When it comes to protecting your greatest asset, you deserve the very best.