Learn about the Benefits of Home Emergency Insurance

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Everyone who owns or rents is sure to carry a proper policy to protect either their dwelling and/or the contents of their home. In the event of fire, flood, damage or other catastrophic event, there is no better way to ensure you are covered. However, if you’ve never heard about home emergency insurance, learn about the way you can provide an exceptional benefit for many items in your home.



When Disaster Strikes

In this case, the disaster isn’t a fire or other event that could be claimed on your homeowner’s policy. This time, it’s your refrigerator. You’ve woken up in the morning and discovered nothing is cold. In fact, you have spoilage and no backup. Your friends are offering coolers and friendly drop-offs of meals during the emergency, but you still have a non-working appliance. A new refrigerator is a huge expense, and while you would like to be able to pick up the phone and have a new one delivered, that isn’t always the case.

If you have home emergency insurance, your salvation could be a phone call away. These special coverage plans are designed to give you much peace of mind when it comes to the many systems in your home that you rely on. You pay a yearly premium, and there is a specific deductible that covers the service call.

In the case of your non-working refrigerator, this is considered an emergency. Your family depends on safe and adequate cooling and freezing of your food. You place a call to the insurer and let them know the nature of your problem. Once a determination has been made that you are experiencing an emergency, a qualified technician will be sent to your location. Home emergency insurance companies work with many certified contractors in your area to provide you with prompt service in an emergency.

When the technician arrives, they will assess the problem with your refrigerator, in this case, and determine if it can be repaired. If they can, they will complete the repair. In the case of the unit being completely non-working, the technician will call this situation in, and your insurer will begin the process of finding a suitable replacement. You pay the service call fee, and the technician is on their way.


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What Happens Next?

After the home emergency insurance company makes the determination that a replacement is necessary, they will work with the information from your current brand and model to find something that is comparable. While they may not be able to provide the same exact one you had, they will try to find one that is the same style, capacity, and color if available. They will arrange for you to receive the new appliance and will have it delivered, and your old unit removed for you. In a time of need, this type of policy can be invaluable and a great comfort.



The Types of Items That Can Be Covered

For the example here, a refrigerator was used to describe a possible scenario. However, there are many types of items in the home that can be covered by this type of policy. Many systems in your home are the workhorses of your daily life. You depend on your washing machine and dryer, your dishwasher, your kitchen plumbing, stove, microwave and many other items to keep your household running smoothly. When one of these stops working suddenly, your life can be thrust into turmoil. Worries about a replacement, the fees charged by a repairperson and the pileup of work can be overwhelming. When you have home emergency insurance, all you need to do is place a call and your worries, in most cases, will be over.

While many systems in your home as described, even including spas, pools, air conditioning and even heating, can be either included or added for an extra fee. While most failures are covered, there are very important exclusions that you need to read about when attempting to make a claim with this policy. Normal wear and tear may be covered, but rubber hoses may not be. It’s extremely important to look at every word in your policy to make sure your home emergency insurance is providing you with the coverage you need.