Protect your Furry Family Members with Dog Life Insurance

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Everyone knows that your canine companion is more than just a pet. He or she is a part of your family. Like any family member they require love and care and visits to the vet too. You make sure to carry a good health policy for your pet to give them quality of life and affordable care that fits your budget, but what about dog life insurance? Take the time to understand this unique coverage available to add to your pet’s policy.



Coverage when you need it

There is never a good time to lose your pet. By your side for many years, their absence is profoundly and deeply felt. When you are dealing with the devastating loss and grieving your beloved canine companion, don’t deny yourself the ability to afford the right procedures to honor your pet and give your family comfort at this difficult time. When you purchase dog life insurance, you can give yourself peace of mind that provides coverage for costs related to your pet’s end of life that can be handled without exorbitant expense.

Most people think about this coverage only how it applies to us as humans. We leave loved ones and debts behind. These policies can provide replacement income or pay off items like homes or other things to relieve the financial burden that often accompanies loss of people in our lives. So, dog life insurance exists to serve a different type of purpose.

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What is covered?

There are in most cases a very limited number of causes of death that would be covered under a dog life insurance policy. You’ll find that a disease that is considered hereditary will most likely not be covered. Passing on from old age is also not included. In some cases, there may be available coverage that will cover an accident that results in the loss of your pet or a very sudden illness that is terminal. It is very important to explore the fine details of a policy such as this since the policy can be very specific.

While the cost value of the pet will be paid that is listed in the documents of the dog life insurance, there are sometimes a few other expenses these types of policies will cover. For example, if you are seeking euthanasia, you may be able to seek payment for this service. Also, many owners opt for burial for their pet as many pet cemeteries exist to provide a place of comfort for owners to visit. Cremation is sometimes available as a covered event as well. Ask about counseling, as some owners grief is prolonged, and professional help may need to be sought. The value of a beloved pet in our lives cannot be easily dismissed. The great joy and companionship they bring to our lives cannot often be measured.

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Specially Valued Pets

When you are looking for dog life insurance, it is a strong consideration for those who are in the business of working with highly valued show animals. These canines are often purchased from specialty breeders, and the cost can be very high. For those animals that continue in many competitions and travel extensively, racking up many awards, these costs can be substantial.

Some policies will only cover the initial purchase price of the animal, but there may be additional appraisals obtained that could add to the value of the pet. These circumstances will vary greatly depending on the insurer, so it’s vital to ask detailed questions and review the policy thoroughly. You may be required to obtain appraisals and wait for approval before the policy is put in force.



Combining Your Policies

If you are looking for dog life insurance, there are several companies now adding this type of policy to their offerings. However, as with many types of policies, combining this coverage with a medical policy might provide the opportunity to lower your cost. Many insurers offer generous benefits for people who purchase more than one type of policy.

Also, when you purchase dog life insurance along with medical coverage, you may be able to utilize the services of the same vet, so you will be able to utilize their services for all your pet’s needs. When the time comes for end-of-life care and services, you’ll have a good relationship established with the vet, and it will help ease you through your time of grief.