The Importance of International Medical Insurance

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If you travel abroad, international medical insurance is essential because most health insurance companies do not provide coverage. Whether you take just one trip overseas or you are an expat, having access to adequate medical coverage is of the highest importance. Truthfully, traveling abroad presents its own unique challenges, but having proper medical coverage does not have to be one of them.



What is International Medical Insurance?

International medical insurance provides medical coverage while insured parties travel abroad. Coverage is provided for those traveling abroad for work, study, or pleasure. On average, policies can range anywhere from five days to a few years, depending on the insured party's needs and the company’s limits. The coverage is extensive and provides a full range of flexible options for every insured party's needs, whether they are traveling for a short-term or long-term period.


What is International Medical Insurance?



What Coverage Is Provided?

The coverage offered by international medical insurance is extensive. Coverage is provided for almost every type of medical procedure and operation one can imagine. The range of coverage is one of the best benefits of international coverage.

Typically, coverage comes with an annual benefit. The annual benefit is the overall policy limit and can go up to a couple of million dollars. A high policy limit ensures that insured parties have a sufficient amount of coverage.

Within the overall policy limit, there are specific coverages. One subsection of coverages is for hospital charges. Hospital accommodation expenses for inpatient and day treatment are provided. Furthermore, expenses related to medicines and treatment rooms are also covered. In addition to the overall hospital expenses, there is also coverage for specific fees for surgeons, anesthesiologists, and other specialists. Dialysis and diagnostic testing completed during inpatient and day treatment stays are also covered. Essentially, all hospital-related services are paid for without the insured having to worry about being charged separate fees.

In addition to covering hospital accommodations, international medical insurance also covers a wide range of other services. Services such as emergency and non-emergency dental care, vision, psychiatric care, maternity and cancer treatment are also covered. Insured parties are relieved to find out that their needs that are unrelated to accidents and injuries are also covered.

Contrary to popular belief, international medical insurance also provides coverage for routine health and wellness exams. Specifically, regular physical exams, pap smears, and mammograms are covered. Moreover, counseling services and support by phone are also provided.

Overall, international medical insurance provides an extensive range of coverages for emergency and non-emergency needs. Whether the insured party needs a routine check-up or has more urgent concerns related to an injury or accident, proper coverage is available.



What are the Benefits?

In addition to providing an extensive range of coverage, international medical insurance has other benefits as well. They provide flexibility, continual support, and peace of mind.

International insurance plans can be modified to meet the specific needs of their insured parties. Specifically, plans range from short-term to long-term and coverage limits can be tailored. Supplemental coverages such as adding riders and other family members are available. Moreover, coverages for certain sports and activities can also be covered.

Most companies offer continual support to their insured parties. The support includes a wide range of services including medical coordinators, general questions, and claims. Professional medical coordinators make navigating another country’s healthcare system easy and efficient. They know where the best care is in multiple countries, and they can also coordinate with providers and billing departments to ensure the insured party gets the best treatment available. They can prevent communication breakdowns because they are not limited by language and cultural barriers. Interpreters are in place to facilitate communication and understanding. Medical coordinators are a huge advantage of getting international coverage.

In addition to medical coordinators, claims can be filed at any time. Instead of having to wait until normal business hours at home, which may conflict with business hours abroad, 24-hour service is provided. This can ease the claims process and make it convenient.

Lastly, international medical insurance provides peace of mind. Insured parties can travel without any additional worries. For those who still are not convinced, the following covers why each traveler abroad should consider getting international coverage.


Medical Insurance



Why Do You Need It?

There are many reasons why all travelers abroad need international medical insurance. The primary reason is that healthcare insurance companies typically do not cover medical expenses incurred abroad. Many travelers are astonished to find out that although they have health care insurance in their home country, it does not extend when they travel overseas. Knowing this ahead of time can help travelers make proper preparations and get the coverage they need.

Another reason why it’s important to have proper coverage is due to the reality of accidents, injuries, and illnesses. Any of these incidents can happen while traveling even though no one expects them to happen. Without coverage, a sudden accident, injury, or illness not only creates physical pain but can cause significant financial hardship. Having adequate coverage can save time, money, and prevent added stress.

Unlike here in the United States, many countries expect a full payment prior to providing treatment. The expectation of full payments can create serious problems for those who do not have the funds to cover the entire medical procedure. With proper medical coverage, the insurance company will pay the providers in full on the insured party’s behalf to ensure they get the coverage they need without any interruptions in treatment.

Navigating language and cultural barriers are difficult enough, but having to do it while sick or unwell can be overwhelming. Having experts who can provide guidance and advice, and communicate effectively is invaluable.

Ultimately, the need for international medical insurance cannot be overemphasized. Sufficient coverage provides insured parties with proper medical care for almost any type of illness or emergency. Given that traditional medical coverage does not extend overseas, accidents and illnesses can happen, and there are different expectations in other countries’ medical systems, international coverage is the best solution. For peace of mind and the highest levels of protection, international medical insurance can meet your needs.