Five Top Travel Insurance Companies to Know for Your Next Trip

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If you want to travel abroad or within the country, you are putting yourself at numerous risks. You could lose your luggage, which will postpone your flight, or fall ill to the regional weather conditions, which could rush you to the hospital. On any trip, you could run into some kind of unexpected disaster involving a natural disaster, a vehicular accident or a violent attack. No matter where you travel and how many miles you go, you run into risks. Consider how a good travel insurance company will help you; however, do not choose a company because of the cost or a few customer reviews. Consider all of the different features and benefits that make up good travel insurance companies.



1.      Allianz

Allianz is a German-based company that is known as the largest insurance provider in the world. The company provides a variety of insurance plans for domestic trips, international trips, cruises, annual trips and car rental plans.

Typical mishaps that are covered include canceled trips, interrupted trips, emergency medical operations, lost or missing luggage, rental car damages and more. To choose the right insurance plan, know which services you may need.

On the website, receive a custom quote on the plan you want. You can also file a claim and ask questions about your policy. There are travel agents and other assistants available on a 24-hour hotline.

On the front page is a guarantee stating that you can cancel the policy and receive a refund. However, some payments are non-refundable, such as deposits and payments on trips that you canceled out of the blue. If the cancellation involves a terrorist event or medical emergency, the costs are refundable.

The costs of the cancellations are not the same for every insurance policy. Some travel insurance companies have no coverage for cancellations at all. In any case, you have to give notice for 72 hours before the cancellation.


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2.      Travel Guard

Travel Guard is an industry leader that covers millions of travelers and provides 24-hour customer service. Review the three levels of insurance provided by Travel Guard. On the website, use a tool that compares the different plans at the platinum, silver and gold levels.

The highest rated plan on Travel Guard is the gold plan that provides the most comprehensive options. A wide range of incidents are covered, such as cancelled flights, delays, medical bills, lost luggage and severe weather evacuations. Add your under-aged children to the plan at no extra cost.

If you plan to use any insurance plan, know the coverage limits. The gold plan covers 100% of costs on trips that are cancelled or interrupted for good reason. If your trip is delayed, you will receive up to $750 to pay for alternative arrangements. Receive up to $150 a day until the trip resumes. If you lose your luggage, request $1,000 for replacements. To deal with an unexpected sickness or hospitalization, receive up to $25,000 in coverage. All travel insurance companies have limits on the amount of money they provide their customers.



3.      CSA Travel Protection

CSA Travel Protection is a full-service provider of travel insurance that is based in California and serving customers all over the world. The moment you get on the site, request a quote with or without a travel agent’s help. Know the cost of the trip, the length of the trip, the destination and your residential location. Choose the policy and be able to cancel it within 10 days.

Teladoc medical services give you access to numerous doctors and clinics wherever you travel. With No Out-of-Pocket medical services, receive coverage for treatments and medical transportation.

CSA wants to protect their client’s bodies, vacation homes, and general travel needs. The company provides 24-hour emergency help services. Receive assistance in case you lose a pet or become a victim of identity theft. On the website’s homepage, read helpful tips for traveling along with suggestions about visiting certain countries.



4.      TravelSafe

Most travel insurance companies have different types of plans for different types of travelers. TravelSafe insurance has four types of plans: vacation, medical, explorer, and group. The most comprehensive range of services is found in the vacation plan. The three main levels are basic, classic and classic plus. The basic and classic levels do not provide funds for cancellations. Travelers receive daily limits of $100 and $150, respectively.

The explorer plan has gold, silver and platinum levels that vary in the costs and range of benefits. The group plan provides coverage for traveling groups. There are full coverage costs for canceled or interrupted trips along with up to $1,000 for missed connections. For emergency or long-term medical bills, receive as much as $100,000, depending on the number of people in the group.



5.      American Express

When most people think of American Express, they think of the credit card, but this company provides travel insurance, as well. If you are on a budget, choose the exact amount of coverage you need. Otherwise, you can choose from a few, specific travel packages. To select the right plan, provide information about the number of travelers, their ages, the length of the trip and the total costs.

American Express travel insurance is not provided to people in all U.S. states. You can use your American Express card to receive certain benefits. For every new trip you take, you must reapply to the plan.

If you plan to travel anywhere, you cannot leave the house without considering some amount of travel insurance. Insuring your vacation or business trip is your way to pay for unexpected bills, such as hospital visits, surgeries, theft, canceled trips, illnesses and unexpected hotel accommodations. To receive compensation for these mishaps, you must meet certain criteria. For instance, if you want to receive 100% refund for a canceled or delayed trip, have a good reason for it. If you showed up late for a flight, that is not a good reason. However, if a terrorist showed up at the airport, that is a covered reason on your plan. Each insurance company has a website that lists all of the plans, costs, and benefits. Remember important tips that help you decide which one of the travel insurance companies is right for you.