The Five Best Travel Insurance Providers

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Why would anyone invest in travel insurance? Whether you travel domestically or abroad, you deserve the utmost financial and personal security you can find. Travel insurance is indispensable, especially if you are an avid traveler. How would your life fare if you experienced a health emergency in a foreign country? What if you needed immediate transport to a hospital in a native country? If you lost your luggage, or a relative died back home, how would you address this sort of emergency? Travel insurance is designed to meet these dire needs. Of course, not all insurance providers adhere to the same level of quality. In fact, you should be selective when enrolling in a policy. Below, you will find the top five best travel insurance providers, to ensure your needs are fully met.


The Five Best Travel Insurance Providers



#1 AIG

The best travel insurance provider is irrefutably AIG. AIG is highly competitive in its approach to traveling coverage. Many insurance recipients attest to AIG’s high standards of service.

AIG insurance packages are designed to suit a wide range of traveling needs and expenses. Here is a general overview of what you might anticipate from AIG. This company offers cancelation coverage, which is critical during a sudden emergency. This invaluable feature gives you both financial security and peace of mind.

If you suffer from a preexisting condition, you may still qualify for AIG coverage. Unlike other providers, AIG never denies applicants on the basis of a preexisting position. Regardless of your medical or family history, you can acquire the benefits of the high-quality insurance provider such as this.

AIG offers yet another quality feature that inferior providers do not. This company covers special trips, such as sports adventures. Hence, if you engage in extreme or high-risk sports, you can trust your provider will cover your property damage or emergency costs. This is especially important if you consider yourself an adventurist or explorer at heart. AIG also has an added customization feature, enabling you to personalize your plan to your liking. Every traveler deserves unique coverage options of their own, and the representatives of AIG understand this.

AIG travel insurance coverage also extends to medical coverage. Whether you experience a chronic or emergency condition on your vacation, you can acquire medical help if needed. Finally, it is useful to mention that AIG offers collision coverage, should you consider renting a vehicle while traveling abroad.



#2 Allianz Global Assistance

The next best travel insurance provider is Allianz Global Assistance. Over the years, they have secured a loyal following of customers with their quality services. One unique service they offer is known as the specialty travel cover, which is beneficial if you are traveling domestically or abroad. This company also attends to those with preexisting conditions, as well. This implies that you can travel safely, regardless of your medical history.

Their 24-hour emergency service can connect you with the right professionals in dire situations. When you have an emergency after regular business hours, it is very important that you have access to a qualified representative to meet your needs.

This insurance provider distinguishes itself for yet another reason. Not only does it offer concierge services, but it provides annual travel plans, which allow you to travel yearly at an affordable rate. By paying a lump sum or premium, you can secure annual coverage at a consolidated premium.

This cost-effective insurance carrier covers children under 18, free of charge. This means you can travel safely with your children, without paying astronomical rates. Clearly, this is one of the best travel insurance options you can find. From its emergency assistance to its collision coverage, you simply cannot go wrong.






#3 FrontierMedex

FrontierMedex is yet another insurance provider that you can trust. This company is rated superbly by its customers because of the premium features it offers its travelers. This is considered one of the best travel insurance providers, as it offers solid medical coverage to its recipients. Hence, if you need emergency health care or checkups while traveling, you can do this without the brunt of costly medical bills.

With this plan, you can even enroll in hazardous sports coverage if you engage in high-risk sporting activities. You can also receive coverage up to the age of 85. Finally, if you are a student, you can enroll in a plan specific to your needs.



#4 HCC Medical Insurance Services

HCC Medical Insurance Services are also rated as one of the best travel insurance carriers. This plan provides a total of up to $2 million for every injury or illness you acquire while traveling. It allows you to personalize your coverage options if you choose to. This ensures that you are paying for a premium that addresses your unique set of needs. With the student traveler plan, you can travel abroad while meeting your unique set of needs as a student.

The payment terms for this insurance provider are exceedingly flexible. Furthermore, you can acquire up to 100% total coverage when traveling outside the U.S. This ensures that if anything goes awry and is covered by your carrier, that you will be fully accounted for. Finally, this carrier offers group plans, along with coverage for both U.S. and non-U.S. residents.



#5 World Nomads

The World Nomads insurance company is distinguished by its flexibility and unique benefits. This carrier targets a very specific market of adventure travelers, along with single trip vacationers. While some people travel for leisure purposes, others engage in riveting, exotic adventures. Of course, every adventure comes with its own risks, which is why this company accounts for damaged, digital gear.

If you choose this provider, you reserve the right to purchase insurance while overseas. This carrier also supplies coverage for trip interruptions and trip cancelations. Trips can be canceled for a number of reasons, including the death of a relative, a sudden illness or emergency, or a simple change in plans. Furthermore, trip interruptions often surface during emergencies as well. Whether your cruise excursion company goes bankrupt, or your family urgently needs to cancel a trip, you will be covered by his provider.