The Importance of Having Travel Insurance in India

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It is important to get travel insurance for yourself and for your family regardless of the duration of your trip. The primary purpose of travel insurance is to cover the costs of any emergency which may arise during the course of your travel, including medical emergencies, lost or destroyed luggage, personal liability, and other situations.

It is important to look at the various travel insurance plans available with various banks, travel agencies, and other companies in order to be able to compare them and select one which best suits your needs and budget. Prior to taking this step however, it is important to gain a better understanding of what risks come along with travel, how much they might cost you with and without travel insurance cover, and to also be in a position to personally assess your own risks while traveling. Here are some tips and tricks pertaining to understanding and getting the best out of your travel insurance in India.


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Risks and Liabilities

Some of the risks and liabilities involved with travel make it necessary to get insurance. As mentioned, it is you and not the duration of your trip or destination which will bring forth the need to get a travel insurance plan in place. Life can be best described as unpredictable, as a result of which a completely healthy individual may suddenly be rendered immobile or violently ill without warning, either while on the way to their destination, or in a foreign place. Travel insurance will at the very least, make the individual capable of partially covering the costs of any relevant treatment and will thus enable him or her to avert a potentially fatal situation, financially and health wise.

Opting for travel insurance in India will also ensure that one’s luggage is covered in the event of loss, theft or damage; this can save travelers a lot of money especially if they tend to travel with a lot of expensive items in their luggage. Travel insurance in context with luggage is especially important for business travelers and certain categories of travelers who never travel without expensive merchandise in their luggage; common inclusions in this category include photographers with expensive equipment, business merchants with precious or fragile merchandise, and artists with sculptures, paintings, and other projects. A quick way to decide as to whether you require high coverage is to look over the luggage you are traveling with; if losing it incurs a great loss, you would be best covered by a premium travel insurance plan.



Other Aspects of Travel Covered By the Right Plan

A lot can go wrong during travel, ranging from sudden ill health to the loss of luggage, to being stranded in a foreign location for an indefinite period. Getting travel insurance in India ensures that one is covered, at least partially, for some of the expenses incurred during these emergency situations. Some travel insurance plans cover credit card loss or theft and enable one to modify, cancel, and extend one’s travel tickets irrespective of an emergency. Cashless hospital admittance, payments for medicines, adequate accommodation in the event that you are stranded, all make the need for travel insurance urgent and integral to ensuring smooth travel even during emergencies.


Travel Covered By the Right Plan



Understanding the Basics of Travel Insurance in India

Now that you have an idea as to how important and cost-saving it is to have travel insurance, it is time to look at how insurance companies categorize clients. One of the first concerns of any insurance company in context with charting a travel insurance plan is the age of the traveler.

The average Indian company categorizes travel insurance plans based on the number of travelers and their ages. The first thing to do therefore would be to choose a category, i.e. Individual, Family or group, or Senior citizen. It should be noted that in context with the senior citizen category in India, the age at which one qualifies as a Senior citizen tends to vary based on companies. Some companies will offer senior citizen class plans to those who are 65 and older while others will only offer the plans to those in the 71-85 year age group. It is a good idea to compare policy prerequisites between various travel insurance companies in order to find a suitable policy for yourself if you are a senior citizen, or if your group includes a Senior citizen.



A Simple and Hassle-Free Process

The process of applying for and acquiring a travel insurance plan is simple and hassle-free. Most travel insurance in India is similar to what is offered abroad, with a few exceptions. Taking a cue from international companies which have simplified the process of understanding and getting travel cover, Indian companies offer simple 3-step processes during which travelers can select their destination, calculate the premium payable, and then complete the process by submitting the required documents where they would be required to understand the terms and conditions of the policy while declaring any medical issues they might have.



Having Travel Insurance in India will Save You from Stress

Any emergency is guaranteed to render you and fellow travelers worried, but the existence of your travel insurance policy will at least ensure that your expenses are covered. Regardless of whether the emergency is minor or major, you will be in a position to seek and receive assistance, and will not need to worry about running out of funds in a foreign place. This very fact makes it important and relevant to get travel insurance plans in place for you and for the rest of your travel group.

There are a number of companies which will be glad to consult with you in order to assess your needs and risk factors in context with existing medical conditions. You will be presented with a number of options and policy payment plans based on your specific profile, and have the option to modify or upgrade your policy in accordance with your next travel destination.