What Is the Best Travel Insurance for USA Travelers?

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Whenever you are travelling or booking travel online, you will always hear a pitch or promotion for the best travel insurance for USA travelers. Given that a number of perils can sideline a holiday, you have to consider that cover is a necessity. After all, there is always the possibility that you may face such upheavals as natural disasters, medical emergencies and political strife while travelling far from home. Therefore, seeking the best travel insurance for USA travelers is an important step if you are travelling outside the U.S.



Coverage that Overlaps

When it comes to choosing the best travel insurance for USA travelers, the task can seem rather challenging when facts show that around $2 billion of travel insurance is sold each year for travel protection purposes. The best travel insurance for USA travelers then should cover a variety of trip cancellations, many of which happen as the result of the weather or death in the family.


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Are You Sufficiently Covered for Medical Emergencies?

The best travel insurance for USA policyholders should be a plan that covers excursions internationally. It should cover items that you take on your trip that are stolen or lost and should help repay the costs ensued when a travelling companion dies. Count, foremost, on the best travel insurance for USA travelers to cover the exorbitant expenses that can result from emergency medical care.

If you are travelling in a remote area or foreign country, far away from the US, you need to make sure your insurance extends to airlifting you out of situations where you or the others in your party have been injured, or where there is political unrest.



Tailor the Protection to Your Trip’s Itinerary

To buy insurance without this built-in cover defeats much of the reason for attaining the protection in the first place. Therefore, if you are seeking the best cover for your travels abroad, travel insurance must be comprehensive and tailored to your trip’s itinerary.



Sports Cover

Many travelers who buy trip insurance also make sure they are protected for certain sports pursuits. For example, if you like to ski, you need to make sure you are protected against any injuries that result from your love of the sport.

For example, what would you do if you got caught in an avalanche and needed to be taken out of a spot that was far away from a medical facility? You need to think about the financial burden that could result as well as the stress and upset that accompanies such an experience.


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Do You Play Golf?

Extra cover can be included in many travel insurance plans that will cover a sport that is considered an extreme sports activity. Even if the sport is not considered extreme, such as golf, you should still consider the protection.

 For instance, what if you struck someone in the head with a golf ball or you were struck and hurt? Insurance extras also cover such sports as archery, mountain climbing, and hunting. Each sport has its own set of risks and dangers. Therefore, if you take part in a sport—even golf—a good deal when you are travelling, adding extra cover, in this respect, is a wise move to make.

The best travel insurance for USA travelers is a comprehensive policy. You can obtain cover for one-time travel or several plans for multi-trip travel within and outside the U.S. However, as indicated, the best travel insurance for USA travelers is a plan that covers trip-goers who like to travel internationally.

When you are travelling abroad, every country has established its own criteria for the payment of medical costs. Therefore, you can find yourself in quite a bind if you cannot meet the payment criteria for a foreign hospital’s billing procedures.

Make sure, then, when you are planning on visiting a country outside the U.S. that you are fully versed on what hospitals and healthcare facilities require of patients financially when they are admitted to emergency rooms or clinics. You need to familiarize yourself with this information as well to ensure that you choose the best travel insurance for USA travelers.

When you plan your trip itinerary then, make a checklist of the exact travel insurance protection you need to ensure that any unexpected emergencies will be addressed should they occur while travelling.



The Average Cost of a Premium

The insurance premiums for travel insurance depend on a traveler's age, the type of cover he chooses and the overall cost of the trip. For a standard plan, you will generally pay about 6 percent of the overall cost of a trip, per the Insurance Information Institute.

Most of the insurance sold to travelers from the U.S. are issued by the cruise line representatives, tour operators and travel agents, each of whom receives a commission on the sold policies. However, before you put down money for an insurance plan, you may find that it is unnecessary. The cover is not required if you already have protection through your health insurance or homeowner’s policy. Check your policy’s terms for each of the aforementioned plans.

Experts in the insurance industry advise clients who enjoy travelling not to take out travel insurance if you only plan to cover small and manageable losses. The insurance should be tailored to cover you in situations that are more severe in nature – events that could place a large financial burden on you should they occur.

For instance, if you lose a few pieces of clothing or costume jewelry, you won’t be broken financially. Therefore, keeping a close eye on your personal belongings might be a better alternative than buying travel insurance for protecting these kinds of items.

Scrutinize the travel insurance plans that are featured by your credit cards too. Narrow down or short-list your main concerns. For example, if you are travelling by plane and are worried that it might crash, you may be better off purchasing a term policy, as it would cover you if you lost your life in either a plane crash or car crash. That would be better than opting only for flight insurance cover.

If you plan to travel overseas, your current health insurance plan may not provide cover if you need to be evacuated to a hospital or see a doctor. Medicare usually will not cover healthcare costs outside the U.S. However, some Medigap plans will. Therefore, you may want to consider a medical-travel insurance policy instead.